What is Volcan?

Volcan is a peruvian mining company dedicated to the exploration and exploitation of mining deposits and its extraction, concentration, treatment and commercialization of zinc, lead and copper concentrates, with important silver contents. All of its operations are located in the central mountains of the Peruvian Andes. Volcan is one of the largest producers of zinc, lead and silver in the world.

How many mining units does Volcan have?

Volcan has five Mining Units: Yauli (Junín), Chungar (Pasco), Alpamarca (Junín), Cerro de Pasco (Pasco) and Óxidos de Pasco (Pasco). This units include twelve mines, seven concentration plants and one lixiviation plant.

How much reserves and resources does the company have?

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What is Volcan's sustainability policy?

Volcan believes that social responsibility should be grounded in a broad and long-term concept of sustainable development. Therefore, the Company focuses its sustainability efforts on 4 pillars: Social Responsibility, Environmental Management, Human Development, and Health & Safety. For more information, visit the Sustainability section.

Does the company have exploration projects?

Volcan has a diverse exploration projects portfolio. These can be found in the Explorations section.

What is the difference between Volcan's class A and class B shares?

Class A shares holds voting benefits that the Class B shares do not possess. However, as compensation, the latter has a preferential dividend of 5% more than Class A shares.

On what stock exchanges are Volcan shares traded?

Both share classes are listed in the Lima Stock Exchange and the Santiago Stock Exchange; while only the Class A shares are listed in the Madrid Stock Exchange, under the Latibex segment.

How can I buy or sell Volcan's shares?

If you are interested in buying or selling Volcan shares, you must contact a broker company. These are the authorized intermediaries to operate in the Stock Exchange in behalf of third parties, and are able to advise their clients on investment matters. For a complete list of the Broker Companies and their contact information, visit this page.

What are Volcan's shares tickers?

In the Lima Stock Exchange, Class A shares are listed as VOLCAAC1, and Class B shares are listed as VOLCABC1.

How can I consult how many of Volcan's share I own?

You must approach Volcan’s Shareholder Services Office with your ID or letter of attorney. The office is located on the sixth floor of the El Qubo building, Manuel Olguín Avenue 373, Santiago de Surco.

What is the company's dividend policy?

The Company’s dividend policy is to distribute up to 20% of available net income for the year, provided that the Company’s liquidity needs are met, after considering all assumed investment commitments and any limitations that may arise from financial obligations. Dividends are paid out after approval from the Shareholder General Meeting.

When does the company publish its results?

Volcan publishes its results quarterly, approximately the last days of March, April, July and October.

How can I contact Volcan's Shareholder Services Office?

You can contact, Head of Shareholder Services, at (51) 1 416-7133; or send an email to lcotrina@volcan.com.pe.

What kind of services and information can the Shareholder Services Office provide?

Dividend payment, share tax withholding certificate, update of share certificates, and other procedures related to the shares.

What is the Shareholder Services Office's business hours?

Open hours are from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 17:00.