We are looking for people willing to give the best of themselves, with an eye to achieving their personal goals and contributing to achieving the goals of the Company, committed to their own profesional and personal development and willing to be part of a large and successful project.

What do we offer?

  • A safe place to work with clearly defined core values.
  • A suitable work environment, with measurable and manageable goals.
  • A career and professional development plan in line with your professional profile and performance.
  • Salary and benefit policies focused on attracting and retaining talent.


I am lucky to work with all operating departments as well as corporate departments in Lima. I can personally attest to the growth of the company and the commitment of all its employees to the Strategic Plan and Company Objectives

Luis Felipe Bellido Operations Contracts Deputy Manager

I have worked at Volcan for more than 17 years. It has been a long journey where I have been able to take part in the transformation that the Operations department has undergone. My family and I have grown with Volcan over the years.

Edgardo Zamora Romina Project Manager

I joined Volcan 9 years ago.

Volcan has been part of my professional development, thanks for the trust and valuing the effort of all your collaborators, we will continue to add value to the projects and goals, to continue being a great organization.

Nydia Huanuqueño Human Management Superintendent
  • We are proud of being a Peruvian company that promotes the talent of our workers through the recognition of their professional and personal development, which allows us to bring them growth opportunities through training that enhances theri continuos improvement, as well as the Company’s growth, which ultimately boosts our country’s development.

  • Our values are part of our organizational culture and characterize each member of our Company. We have a commitment to act with safety and enforce our policies with integrity and respect in order to reach Corporate excellence.

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