Energy Projects

Hydroelectric Projects

Chancay 2 and Chancay 3 hydroelectric Plants

The Chancay 2 and Chancay 3 hydroelectric plant projects are located in the basin of the Chancay river, Huaral district, Lima region. They will have a total installed capacity of 30 MW, with an estimated investment of USD 75 MM.

During 2016, the necessary permits and authorizations for the bestowal of the definite energy generation concession were requested. It is expected to receive the approvals during the first semester of 2017.

Expansion of the Tingo Hydroelectric Plant

This project aims to expand the current Tingo hydroelectric plant from 1.25 MW to 15 MW.

In 2016 the feasability studies were concluded and the engineering studies, with the company AS Ingenieros E.I.R.L. ,began. These studies are expected to end in the first semester of 2017, alongside the approval of the environmental instrument and CIRA. The bidding process for the adquisition of equipment and hiring of services will begin in the second semester of 2017.

Energy Efficiency Program

The Company is continuing the development of the corporate energy efficiency program, which began in 2014. In 2016, Volcan reached savings of up to USD 1.8 MM thanks to the reduction of the maximum demand from the operating units, the reduction of excess reactive energy consumption in Yauli, among other initiatives.

Electric Lines and Substations Project

Power transformer of 12/15MVA-50/10.5kV in San Antonio substation

Based on the electric planning due to the power increase in Yauli (San Antonio substation), a 12/15MVA transformer was acquired, which began its operations in October 2016, replacing the former transformer of 8/10MVA. Thanks to this project, the growth of the mining operations connected to San Antonio will be guaranteed, and the power transfer from the Carahuacra substation to San Antonio will be facilitated, improving the availability of the energy supply to Carahuacra's mining operations.

220 kV Transmission line - Rumichaca Tailing Variant

In 2016 a contract was signed with Red de Energía del Perú for the relocation of the 220 kV Pomacocha-Pachachaca and Pomacocha-Carhuamayo Transmission Lines.

As part of the contract, the first phase of the project to elevate compromised cables was executed. The second phase of the project consists on the relocation of certain sections of the transmission lines to achieve the maximum 4,270 m.a.s.l. quota of the Tailing Variant.

The project's second phase consists on the relocation of certain sections of the transmission lines to achieve the Tailings Dam's regrowth up to the maximum quota of 4270 m.a.s.l.

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