Social responsibility is often analyzed in the short term, limiting its commitments and resources to complying with what was agreed under an easement or right-of-way contract entered into with the neighboring communities, thus reducing its scope. Today, Social Responsibility must focus on a broader concept: sustainable development. Volcan, aiming at becoming one of the main leading mining companies by 2021, reaffirms its commitment to the comprehensive development of people and its surrounding environment.

Better efficiency was achieved for invested resources, their relevant commitments, sustainable development plans and environmental impact assessments in over 60 rural communities and 50 local institutions (settlements, population centers and municipalities). High-impact programs are under development, with focus on three areas: education, health and economic development.


Volcan is convinced that education is the key to transform Peru into a developed country with equal opportunities for everyone. Thus, the Company has strenghtened its alliance with Enseña Peru, an organization present in 16 regions of the country that promotes the improving of education, which helps more than 4,000 students.

For example in 2015, results in Yauli show a reduction of the education gap from 64% to 4%. Furthermore, considerable improvements were achieved in soft skills such as self confidence and teamwork, from 0.75 to 2.15 in a 4.00 range.

In 2016, the volcan-Enseña Perú alliance has achieved pressence in all of the company's mining units (Yauli, Chungar and Cerro), having a positive impact in more than 1,200 students, improving their maths and language skills.

Regarding higher education, Volcan has agreements with SENATI, tracking the performance of scholarship workers, as well as their insertion in the working market.


In order to have an actual impact and improve health standards in the communities, Volcan has designed a corporate project to be completed by 2018, in cooperation with its strategic health partner Prisma, an NGO.

The project seeks to identify the main diseases found in each community across more than ten medical specialties, monitoring their evolution over time, in addition to developing health campaigns to treat these diseases, using a preventive approach through incidence meetings, awareness-raising sessions with authorities, and hands-on educational sessions on topics prioritized per community needs. Volcan believes that the State plays a crucial role in attaining the project’s sustainability, and thus seeks its involvement in the project’s implementation and management.

Economic Development

It is important to preserve and protect traditional businesses, as well as to develop their industry and innovative ideas. Volcan and Prisma NGO have designed an action strategy to be concluded by 2018.

Agricultural and stockbreeding campaigns have been developed to improve the communities’ production chain through technical assistance and progress monitoring for over 2,600 families. The coordination of public sector competitive funds was completed, providing resources for productive activities related to agriculture and stockbreeding, promotion of forest production and strengthening of breeding activities through the development of fish farms.

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