Safety & Health


Volcan began to change its corporate culture in occupational safety and health in 2012, with the objective of achieving our mission and vision by 2021.

The project seeks to identify, using health indicators in more than ten medical specialties, what the most prevalent medical conditions are and monitor their evolution in time. Together with medical campaigns where these conditions are treated, preventive work is being done through incidence meetings, authority sensitization and educational sessions about topics prioritized by the needs of the communities. Volcan regards the State as a key player in the sustainability of the project, which is why the latter is involved in its implementation and management.

At Volcan, we are convinced that the success of our Industrial Safety System depends on the involvement and leadership of Senior Management. Therefore, we have changed the operation of our Strategic Safety Committee — where all managements of the corporation participate, under the leadership of our CEO — encouraging all members to participate actively in the process, verifying and formulating strategic actions that ensure the implementation of each pillar and its operation at the different levels of OSHEQ committees.

Furthermore, the Change Management tool has been implemented to make sure that every modification or new process/project counts with risk evaluation by a multidisciplinary team before the beginning of its execution.

The objectives of mining safety are framed within the achievement of an operational discipline in our activities, which will guarantee a safe operation.

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