Public Works for Tax Credits Program

Volcan, contributing to close the country’s infrastructure gap and reaffirming its commitment to its communities’ sustainable development, continues to participate in the government´s Public Works for Taxes Credits program, investing over S/.100 million in 14 projects, both executed and committed.

In spite of recent negative events in the mining sector, Volcan keeps the Public Works and Tax Credit project active, which demands a remarkable financial and technical effort. The projects developed in the program are aimed to improve the quality of life of neighbouring communities through basic services and infrastructure, coupled with a priority sector-based internal strategy to achieve a higher social impact.

To achieve this goal we have received help from organizations such as Caritas del Perú, which provides a social diagnostic that allows us to adequately develop projects. Moreover, several drinkable water and sewerage extension and improvement projects have been put in motion in rural centers such as Yauli, with the support of companies such as Ferreyros, Unimaq and Chinalco.

Volcan is currently evaluating a project portfolio of S/ 80 MM, which has been shared with the new local and regional authorities of the Pasco and Junín departments. The evaluation will prioritize projects that reduce gaps in access to basic services, focusing investments in sectors such as water, sanitation, education, health and nutrition.

Volcan is nationally positioned as sixth place on compromised amount and third on number of projects adjudicated across all sectors through the Public Works and Tax Credit law.

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