Human Development

Human Development

Volcan keeps in mind how valuable it is to count on talented collaborators within the organization, which is why the Human Development Management is committed to the implementation of the best personnel management practices, oriented to the attraction, development and retention of highly qualified personnel, whose values are aligned with Company's strategy.

Human Development Strategies

Volcan's Department of Human Development is cultivating a high-performance culture, based on solid values of safety, integrity, excellence, commitment, and respect that redound in the generation of value for the Company and its stakeholders.

Volcan's Human Development strategy rests on five fundamental pillars:

  1. Talent: Attracting and retaining the best employees
  2. Knowledge: Accelerating learning by better combining practial and theortical training, enabling employees to develop required skills and contribute to acheiving Company's goals more quickly.
  3. Performance: Recognizing improvements in performance and the achievement of goals in a fair, competitive and rewarding manner.
  4. Commitment: Strengthening employees' identification with the Company.
  5. Culture: Promoting a culture of safety through communication, motivation and training activities.

To December 31, 2016, the Company had 2,757 direct collaborators, both in Lima and the operational units. Additionally, the Company has 7,413 collaborators from specialized third-party companies.

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