Caring for the environmental is one of the most important factors for success in the mining business. In this sense, Volcan is committed to the principles of respect for the environment, to the safety and well-being of its workers, and to maintaining good relations with neighboring communities, clients and suppliers.

In compliance with the SSOMAC policy and focused in a long term vision, we are working to prevent negative environmental consequences. Our Environmental Management System, which is being implemented since 2014, is a key operative tool to achieve our goal of a world class environmental management.

We have developed management standards for the use of water and effluents, atmospheric emissions, solid residues, tailing dams, among others; with the purpose of improving our environmental performance and risk identification.

Moreover, as part of our system, we follow up on the fulfillment of the environmental obligations promised to the relevant authorities in order to measure the effectiveness of its implementation. This way Volcan can update, adjust or rethink environmental measures taking into account the dynamics of each specific operation.

The key aspects of environmental management are:

  • The implementation of the Environmental Management System focused on Critical Environmental Risks.
  • Developing and implementation of management standards such as:
    1. Water and effleunts management
    2. Residue management
    3. Environmental Management in projects - CAPEX
    4. Management of residue deposits
    5. Management of transportation of hazardous loads
    6. Natural Resourcer Management
    7. Atmospheric Emission Management
    8. Mine Closure Management
  • Sensitization regarding environmental accident reporting
  • Audit of compliance with environmental and legal obligations
  • Short and medium term license and permit planning according to the operational dynamics and environmental law. We are currently developing updates to the Adequacy Studies of the ECA and LMP and preparing ourselves for Environmental Studies of Integration, within the frame of the provisions established in the Supreme Decree 040-2014-EM.

Volcan´s environmental management is permanently aimed at preventing environmental impacts and complying with environmental legal obligations through Environmental Management Plans defined at each mining unit. In this regard, strategies were drawn up to help develop and achieve world-class environmental management.

In line with this, the focus of the Environmental Management is based around:

  1. Environmental Management System, based on a measurable system and adjusted to each one of our units. The performance evaluation was measured through an internal audit carried out at all Volcan units, producing a baseline.
  2. Reduction of findings – OEFA Observations

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